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Using Singing Bowls for Glandular Healing

The Seven Spiritual Centers in the human system, as you know, have many associations, including the notes on the musical scale, colors, planets, emotions, dream symbols, mantras, and, in particular, endocrine glands. And because each quartz crystal singing bowl is tuned to a particular note, and therefore chakra, they are used, through sound, for healing the glandular system.

The Root Chakra (called muladhara) for instance is associated with the Gonads. (There are varying opinions on rulership for this chakra) The basic energy of this chakra relates to the spirit of man to matter. Although related to sexuality, the fundamental principle is the relation of spirit to physical matter. Life energy as such becomes the supporter of survival on the earth plane. Imbalances of this center may manifest as paranoia, various neuroses, disproportionate negativity or fear and basic survival insecurity.

Additionally this center is associated with the planet Saturn, the color red (some say also black), the note middle C. A singing bowl, tuned to middle C, toned and played for healing, activating, and invigorating this center through sound will raise this center to a greater level of purposefulness, devotion, and freedom.

The Sacral Chakra (called svadhishthana) is associated with the Leydig gland. Considered the sexual chakra by many, it is related to desire, and often called the lower center (also the door to temptation). The energy of this center represents human penetration into the physical universe, and creation itself. Imbalances can manifest as obsession, possession, schizophrenia, and, in extremes, psychopathology. Out of balance the expression is excessive yearning and desire.

Additionally this center is associated with the planet Neptune, the color orange, and the note D. Using a quartz crystal singing bowl tuned to the note D for balancing this chakra and gland, can bring sound healing to this center and gland can be directed to bring about moderation, transformation of sexual forces, and constructive, controlled creative imagination.

The Solar Plexus Chakra (called manipura) is associated with the adrenal glands. The principle is aspiration, engagement in life plan, application, activity and purpose. Imbalance shows often as aggression, anger, and hostility, and recklessness

Additionally this center is associated with the color yellow, the planet Mars, the element of fire, and the note E on the musical scale. The quartz crystal singing bowl is often tuned to E and used to balance and align this chakra and the adrenals to bring about an expression that transforms aggression to positive purpose, persistence, and laughter.


The Heart Chakra (called anahata) is associated with the thymus gland. This gland is connected with the higher heart virtues of devotion, compassion, selflessness, empathy, patience, healing, and telepathy. As such it has been called the seat of devotion, and the higher center. This center is said to be the central chakra and functions to unite all the chakras.

It is associated with the color green, the planet Venus, the element of air, and the sense of touch, and the note F. Often the quartz crystal singing bowl (F)is used to tune the thymus gland and to balance feelings of selfishness, defensiveness, grief, hurt, depression, and self pity and bring about greater compassion for self and other.

The Throat Chakra is associated with the thyroid gland. This gland is associated with the use of the voice, individual connection to God source, and the center of the will.  (called vishuddha). Chanting, meditation, and prayer are examples of using this chakra to tune to Source.

The chakra is associated with the color blue, the note G , and the planet Uranus. Imbalances of the thyroid gland can manifest as disease to the thyroid and problems with the personal will, either an excess of lack thereof. The use of the singing bowl for the thyroid - tuned to the note G-can bring about a softening of willfulness, healing of neurosis, and greater surrender of will to higher values.

The Third Eye Chakra is associated with the Pineal Gland. This gland is the inner light bulb, sudden ideas, seeing the light and inner vision (called ajna) and spiritual sight and hearing. . It represents the merging of the human mind with that of spirit, as a tool for useful intelligence, and positive psychism. This chakra and gland can be connected with egoism, intellectual pride, and self consciousness when out of balance.

Also connected to the planet Mercury, the color indigo, and the note A, and the Holy Spirit, the Third Eye Chakra and the Pineal gland can be invigorated and activated with the sound healing of the quartz crystal singing bowl when tuned to the note A.

The Crown chakra (called sahasrara) is also called the thousand-petaled lotus is considered the chakra of the Pituitary, or master gland, and the sense of this gland is called the music of the Spheres.

Considered to be our connection to the Higher Self, it is associated with Jupiter, the color violet, and the note B. When exalted this gland functions for spiritual ecstasy, peace, and perfect impersonal love. Imbalances of this gland and chakra can demonstrate as a lack of connection with reality, self centeredness, apathy, as well as addictions and self delusion.

The singing bowl, tuned to B has been used to help bring this chakra and gland up to its higher quality expression.

This has been a very, very brief sketch of the glands and their relation to the Chakras. There are some conflicting opinions about rulerships, and empirical evidence is not complete. Much information about the glands and chakras has come from psychics and people with inner vision.



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