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Hypnosis, Meditation, and the Alpha State

Relaxation and achievement of the Alpha state of consciousness are essential to effective hypnosis. Certain sounds, especially soothing sounds can be very useful in achieving this outcome. The sound from a quartz crystal singing bowl is especially pure and immediately relaxing. Additionally, different tones can be used for different desired goals.

There are many ways and reasons to achieve the alpha state of consciousness and many people pursue it and aspire to it even though they may call it something else.

For instance the runner can reach an alpha state while running; he or she may feel like everything has stopped and become still, quiet, and peaceful. Another person may come home from work and sit in their favorite chair and listen to classical music until they feel dreamy and uplifted. And yet another may lie in the sun, or walk on the beach.

However it is achieved, the therapeutic benefits are similar. When in the alpha state, one is lifted to a place inside where there is harmony and order, where all is well and makes sense. When the human system is relaxed, the natural harmony in consciousness can take over, and the inner light can put things in place.

Meditation and hypnosis are closely linked in that they both make use of the alpha state. The difference is that hypnosis, and hypnotherapy, are more directive in nature. With hypnosis certain techniques are used to relax the human system, including mind, body, emotions, and spirit. These techniques involve primarily the use of the voice and specific suggestions, but also include the use of atmosphere, soft colors, safe environment, and some props.

Sound in particular is highly effective to relaxation of the body, and the mind. The type of sound is important, of course, and rock and roll doesn't do it. Music that is at 60 MHz is often used as it tends to have the effect of slowing down the heart rate. I like to use mellow music, and music that is quite neutra l rather than directive, so that the subject is free to be the director of their own consciousness.

Hypnosis Techniques with Singing Bowls

Using quartz crystal singing bowls in the process of hypnotizing a subject both enhances, and shortens the process (called induction).

The sound from quartz singing bowls is a very profound, pure, and organic sound that seems to put people, often times, into an alpha state immediately.

As you may know quartz crystal singing bowls can be 'tuned' to different notes of the musical scale. A standard is to have seven bowls, tuned to C,D,E,F,G,A, and B. Each of these tones will sound different when they 'sing' and each is associated with a different Chakra of the human system, which also numbers 7.

The first chakra is the 'Root' chakra and is associated with the note, 'C', and the first note of the musical scale. Each chakra is associated with a different part of the human system, including the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental realms. For instance if a person is wanting some hypnotherapy related to grief or loss, the heart chakra might be the chosen area to focus on. This would include the heartbreak, the cardiovascular system, the physical heart, also the lungs and general chest area. The desired result would be the relaxation, healing, aligning, and opening of this part of the person. The 'F' bowl would be the choice here.

A combination of traditional hypnosis techniques, interspersed with the singing of the bowls would have the effect not only of bringing about the alpha state, but also targeting relief to the particular needs of the subject.
The bowls can be used in combination, to affect more than one human function. For instance, the crown chakra which governs enlightenment, the higher self, and inner light and the top of the head, could be used in combination with the heart chakra bowl to bring about a relief to the heart and an uplifting of the spirit.

In another instance if the person is insecure and exhibiting a lack of stability and prosperity, one could establish, through interview, positive suggestions the subject wishes to have impressed upon their subconscious. Perhaps something like, "I live in a safe world created by my own efforts and safe life style. I am attracting prosperity." In the process of induction as the person begins to go deeper with hypnotic suggestions, the facilitator can intersperse the sounds of the quartz crystal singing bowls , in this case, the bowl that is tuned to middle 'C'. The 'C' vibration is resonate with the Root Chakra (spiritual center) located at the base of the spine and which is associated with grounding and survival. This center can become out of balance and alignment and with the help of the sound can 'reboot', be reactivated, and rejuvenated. The chakras should naturally spin easily and smoothly in a clockwise direction; a combination of healing thought patterns and a cleansing of the chakra can return the subject to a state of well being.

Crystal sound also serves, to facilitate a deepening of hypnosis and a easy journey into a guided meditative state, in the subject. Personally, I like to play the bowl for about 60 second intervals in between my suggestions. For example, at one point a suggestion can be made, 'It might be good, now that you are relaxed, to open up to the natural prosperity that our earth mother provides for all living beings. Then the bowl is played for 60 seconds to allow that suggestion to sink into the subconscious and the sound to open the root chakra. Using the quartz crystal singing bowls shortens the time for deepening hypnosis and can often bring about a natural and peaceful meditative state. Playing the crystal bowl is easy to get the hang of.

In another instance a person may have an issue with expressing themselves with confidence. Perhaps they cannot 'speak up' for themselves or perhaps they need to present before an audience, or they want to learn how to sing. Hypnosis can be used to relieve anxiety and any childhood fears of judgment by loosening up restrictions around the throat. Perhaps by discussing the desired outcome it could be decided to use a suggestion such as, "I find it easy and natural to express myself - smoothly and naturally." The quartz crystal singing bowls can be used in this case to stimulate, align, and balance the throat chakra. I would suggest the bowl that is tuned to the note 'G' because 'G' is tuned, naturally, with the throat chakra and with the help of the sound vibration the area of the throat expand and release.

People seem to really enjoy this method and respond with extraordinarily positive results. It seems like the sound helps them to replenish inside and reestablish balance, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

This method can be used with various issues which are related to the Seven Chakras of the human system. More information is available about which problems are related to which chakra by searching the rich resources of information on the chakras available on the web.



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