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Healing Green Stones for the Heart Chakra

The heart chakra defines our own inner space and our relationship to everything in the world around us.

And green is the color of nature, the energy of expansion and space. Green stones and crystals can aid in the creation of balance for our lives so that we can live harmoniously with the world without suppressing our own desires. They can also heal by helping to break down the barriers that keep us feeling trapped within the circumstances and limits of our abilities.

There are many crystals, and minerals, many of them green that work very well to balance the heart chakra energies and introduce calming and stabilizing energies.

One favorite is green aventurine, one of the best overall balancing stones for the heart, because it acts without creating any disturbance or sudden release. Aventurine forms when quartz is subjected to pressure, and heat, resulting in it melting and solidifying in big pieces, with inclusion of other minerals. It is these other minerals that give aventurine its green color. Aventurine has fuchsite mica or sparkle bits of hematite and pyrite, which catch the light and make it easy to recognize. This distinguishes it from green jasper. The inclusion of other minerals actually has a grounding influence which then adds to the stabilizing qualities of the stone.

Green tourmaline, also known as verdelite, varies from very light green to very dark green, nearly black. The sodium quantity is what contributes to the difference in shades of green. Tourmalines help to re-align the physical structures of the body and our connection to the earth. The color green is what helps to tune tourmaline to the heart chakra and nature.

Green minerals in general have the effect of increasing our receptivity therefore allowing greater harmony and openness to our environment and relationships.

Jade is popular as a green stone and its effect is to bring about a sense of belonging. It can bring one 'back to earth' from overly mental or detached relation to the world and others. It has the effect of bringing a feeling of natural connection to the physical world and to others.

Emerald is considered a meditation aid. Actually from a green variety of beryl, it can help detoxify the body, balance the heart, and help to relieve anxiety.

Moss agate, a form of chalcedony, is known to relieve the tensions that underlie the stress and tightness related to a feeling of being trapped. This feeling can lead to tightness around the heart and restricted breathing. Moss agate, with its translucent or transparent quartz actually has crystal growth of manganese oxides, hornblende, or iron in various shades of green and brown. It is this quality that suggests the ability to grow, expand, and breathe. This is a great stone for increasing confidence, optimism, and openness to nature.

Bloodstone is a well known and popular stone because of its beneficial effects on the heart and circulation. In the past it was believed to be effective in healing wounds and soldiers would actually carry it into battle. Bloodstone is also called heliotrope, and because it has a combination of red and green it can bring about either sufficient energy or sufficient calmness.

There are many more stones that can be used for the healing of the heart, but these are a few that you can try using with your crystal singing bowls. Used in conjunction with an 'F' bowl, for instance, can increase the healing vibrations for the heart center. You could place stones around the base of the bowl, or around the subject, or your subject can hold them in their hands. Try your own ideas!



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