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Did you know that crystals grow?


The Seven Crystalline Systems

Crystals grow according to their inherent design much as human systems and cells organize and grow according to their design in the etheric body.  

Just as you can see the beauty of divine designs in flowers, you can see, with magnification, the flower, or divine design, in crystals. The mineral kingdom has a spiritual aspect as well as a physical aspect.  The key to the spiritual aspect of crystal lies in their inner geometric construction.

The matter of separating them into different categories has to do with their geometry and different affinities with levels of higher dimensional energies and matter. Just as the chakras represent variant levels of design, complexity, and vibrational affinity, so do crystals vary in design, therefore, affinity.

A special quality of quartz crystal is its ability to magnify. It can be used to magnify and direct energy in the human body whether the crystal used is faceted, multifaceted, or in a wand type creation, or in the case of quartz crystal singing bowls  which are molded into a form that creates reverberating sound and gives the added dimension of vibrational healing and all its associated benefits.

The sub planes of the mineral kingdom can be likened to thought forms (geometry of energy) that help to organize particular crystalline forms. The organization of human cells is paralleled to this process.

Crystallography is the analysis and study of the geometry of the crystals inner form. From this type of study crystals have been classified into seven basic divisions. These seven designs are separated because of their key differences in geometry.


These seven types are:

Cubic (Isometric)

Sometimes trigonal and hexagonal are classified together.

Understanding the Seven Crystalline classes is important because they represent patterning – patterns that repeat.

The Trigonal system includes crystals that are energy giving. Their motion is one of spinning (at a subtle etheric level). This motion is neutral and balancing and can be used to balance subtle energies of people and, in particular, in situations where more energy is needed. The balancing and energy giving qualities can be used to balance the brain as well as other human systems. The varied levels of energy systems within the human body are activated and supported by these crystals and relate most closely to the ROOT CHAKRA, and the kundalini energies at the base of the spine.


Crystals of the Trigonal System include:

Quartz (also considered a member of the Hexagonal system)

The Cubic (Isometric) system possess a building quality in their patterning. They can be useful in the repair of damaged cells, from the tiniest form to the composition of bone. Because of this building quality they are useful for the creative process and for dealing effectively and creatively with physical, practical, earth based materials. The Cubic system resonates most closely with the SACRAL CHAKRA in the human energy field. 

Crystals of the Cubic (Isometric) System include:

The Hexagonal System of crystals possesses the quality of growth and vitality. Quartz is included in this category as well as the Trigonal category. They can give off energy but also encourage growth. Crystals of this class are used for healing, balancing, communicating, and data storage. Multiple and varied applications make them crystals of service. In the healing modalities, they are excellent for focusing energy into the glands, or organs, but also for all meridians. These crystals can be used on all the Chakras, the etheric body, the raising of consciousness, development of intuition, psychic ability, creativity, and attunement with one’s higher being. But although these crystal resonate and are useful for all the chakras, they are most closely resonate with the SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA.

Crystals of the Hexagonal System include:
Quartz (also considered a member of the Hexagonal system)
Beryl family of stones (aquamarines, emeralds, and apatites)

The Tetragonal system of crystals possesses the essence of equality and balance. They give energy and they also receive energy. They balance by absorbing negative energy of the earth but they also give off positive vibrations. Their action on negative energy is one of transmutation and so they are called transmuting stones. Because of their basic pyramidal design and their resonance to sacred geometry, they are used for attunement to higher dimensions. These transmuting stones create connections between basic structures and higher dimensions. The Tetragonal system corresponds to the HEART CHAKRA. The nature of the heart can attract negative, hurtful experiences and also positive, supportive experiences, thereby transmuting and balancing the soul.


Crystals of the Tetragonal System include:

The Orthorhombic system of crystals possess a quality of perspective. They can bring about a closeness and then a distance to issues, or ‘things’. They possess the quality of both the microcosm and macrocosm. Being able to magnify on the one hand and minimize on the other is an asset in problem solving by looking at them at varying levels of experience. In this way these crystals can assist in finding the symbology and lessons in problems. These crystals also carry the quality of protection. This crystalline system relates best to the THROAT CHAKRA or center of will in the human, which carries the ability to accept or reject problems.

Crystals of the Orthorhombic System include:

The Monoclinic system of crystals are constantly expanding and contracting with a specific pulsating action. They will grow and expand, then break, then grow again. Being a basic quality of life, to grow, they contain a quality of providing direction. They can clear cloudiness and obstacles in our vision in order to bring clarity of vision. This way, higher energy levels can be reached and the insignificant can fall out of our way. The monoclinic system corresponds to the third-eye center in the human chakra network. Placing these crystals up to the THIRD-EYE CHAKRA, one can perceive oneself and others in a higher consciousness perspective.

Crystals of the Monoclinic System include:

The Triclinic system of crystals possess a quality of completion in their make-up as they for a triad. The triad is a repeating form within nature and in the hierarchical structure of the world. Their totality design helps to balance the opposites within people, equalize any kind of polarity. These can therefore be useful in relationships, especially when there are inherently different attitudes involved by elevating the awareness of those involved to a higher dimension of order. This system therefore is most attuned to the CROWN CHAKRA where understanding is achieved and the perfect flow of give and take is natural.

Crystals of the Triclinic System include:
Microcline feldspar

Healers have used crystals, actually, since ancient times, but it is only recently that they have become popular and respected. They can be used to magnify and direct energy in the human body whether they are faceted, multifaceted, or in a wand type creation. Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls are now a popular and artistic way to use beautiful sound and also affect the human body in positive, natural, and pleasant ways. Each bowl is tuned to a different note on musical scale and also associated with a different chakra of the human system so that playing them balances and aligns the chakra and related physiology. By focusing healing on the chakras one is focusing directly on the spiritual source for healing. We are, as humans, living crystals. When one uses natural quartz crystal to heal the body, energy transference occurs partly because of a resonance effect between the quartz crystal and those cellular crystal systems with quartz-like properties.



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