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Why Meditation?

Quartz crystals are amplifiers of the energies of consciousness and one of the simplest and most powerful methods of opening and activating and cleansing blockages in the chakras is through the techniques of meditation.

Although there are several forms of meditation I will discuss two basic divisions, active meditation, and passive meditation.

The art of visualization with quartz crystal is active form of meditation.

If you are using a singing bowl and you are alone, you can merely 'tone' your bowl at the beginning of your meditation.

Depending on your goal you might add the affirmation or mantra associated with your chakra of focus with the associated bowl (and note) you are using. If you have someone who is guiding the meditation they can play the bowl throughout or periodically along with the verbal guidance, or with just silence.

Meditation opens the mind to the energies of the higher self and allows higher information to be processed through the consciousness. Within this higher information, the higher self holds the solutions to many problems and meditation helps to build subtle energy bridges of communication connecting ordinary consciousness with the higher structure of consciousness.

The consistent practice of meditation can bring about coordination of the right and left brain which then leads to more versatility and creativity of thought. Overtime a new circuitry is created in the body aligned with the heart beat, brain activity and energetic flow in the nervous system. This new circuitry eventually spreads to the lower brain where there are memory centers and pleasure centers. In addition, stresses are released through this flow, which allows for the free activity of the chakras, and the release of Kundalini energy of higher consciousness. A plus here is that once this new circuitry of heart, brain, and nerves is established, the person then has a more efficient system of stress release in the body.

The reaching of the lower brain and pleasure centers is the target of some drugs but in that case the circuitry has not been established and ordinary stresses and residual stress remain in the body. This, of course, can lead to numerous imbalances physically and mentally.
So drugs are a short route to some bliss and years of regular meditation practice is the slow, long route. However in our day, there is more light energy available in our environment (because we are in the photon belt now) and we have tools such as sound and crystal that can speed up a solid path to enlightened living.

Distinctions of Active and Passive Meditation
Mantras are an additional aid.  A passive form of meditation is the process of training your mind to always go back to your mantra or to watch your breath (the object is to keep your mind glued to a simple task instead of running 'amuk'). This will result in a clearing of the mind, a cessation in the left brain, stillness, and an opportunity for the light of the higher self and right brain to step in.
An option is to use this passive meditation to a point of stillness and then to turn to an active visualization (active) meditation involving a chakra, a healing, a deity, etc.  Your crystal bowl can help you reach a 'light' energy by the tone, and by the dynamic power of quartz crystal!



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