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Sound as Vibrational Medicine

A person can normally hear vibrations at 1000 cycles per second very easily. Vibrations increase by an octave by squaring the number of cycles per second. 

So, if you double the vibrations to 2000 cycles per second, that is one octave higher. If you double it again to 4000 cycles per second, that is another octave.


A normal piano spans a close to seven octaves, a little more. If, hypothetically, we could extend the piano keyboard another 35 to 50 octaves higher, the keys at the higher end would produce colors, rather than audible sounds, when played.

The chakra centers are affected by both light (&color) and sound, especially when used in conjunction with each other.

Crystal has been used in healing because of its qualities of magnification. Sound has been used in healing because it produces effect, and vibrational change in the human body. Combining crystal and sound brings about an ingenious synergistic outcome. Different sounds bring about different effects but using the basic sounds of the musical scale as used with crystal singing bowls makes foundational sense.

Because Sound produces a tangible and measurable feeling in the human body, and sound is vibration, it has been concluded that sound, vibration, can be used for effect on the human body. A Swiss researcher, Hans Jenny, demonstrated that, when using water droplets that were vibrated by specialized sound transducers they could take on the order of beautiful and symmetrical shapes that resemble complex cell patterns. These patterns varied from that of a maple leaf to a sand dollar. When the vibrations were removed, the droplets would regain their circular shape. This conclusion led to the conjecture that certain sound frequencies of sound might therapeutically alter the vibratory and physical structures of human systems.

So what sound frequencies might be beneficial for what conditions? There have been explorations with acupuncture points, using ultrasound. This is perhaps the most tangible use of sound as medicine integrated into conventional medicine so far.

The traditional massage table has undergone a transformation for the use of sound, called a 'sound table'. Specially placed speakers around the table enable the subject lying down to totally absorb the sound vibrations throughout the body. The potential here is healing, soothing, and relaxing input to the subject. In this case it is up to the practitioner to make choices that have the desired emotional, physical, and or, spiritual effect.

But again, the question....what sound? .....what vibrations? One of the first forms of measurement used for particular sounds was something called a finger transducer, developed by Manfred Clynes. The most decisive results were the positive effects triggered by various classical musical pieces, especially with certain emotions. Further, certain said pieces were found to produce the same emotions in many different people. From this research there was then developed something called 'Sentic waveforms' which help establish that sound (music) could bring about different states of consciousness.   

In the last ten years this movement has mushroomed. We now use quartz crystal singing bowls for attunement of the seven sacred centers in the body, called 'Chakras'. Using sound for meditation, stress reduction, and altered states has expanded into the invention of 'sound tables', but also 'brain machines' which combine light and sound. As this field grows we will continue to see more things like 'bio-entrainment', 'binaural beat' and 'hemi-synch' systems. But the quartz crystal singing bowls, if chakra tuned, contain a connection to 'pure tone'. For this reason they are a simple and authentic way to effect sound healing.

Seed Sounds (Baja sound):
Seed sounds are primal sounds which vibrate to the structure of the universe. It is said the Sanskrit language contains all the seed sounds. Each Chakra is activated by a sound vibration in its order in the structure of the universe within:

Root chakra  (Color Red)

1.    'LAM'
2.    Hindu mantra- "KREEM"
3.    Musical Scale Note Middle 'C'
These sounds create electricity and transformation. They are the seed sound transformation of Kundalini, hence using these mantra with your root chakra stimulate this higher, transformative energy to activate. This chakra rules over time and the dissolution of matter back to energy (death) as well as the destruction of illusion. When chanted at the root chakra, these mantras also help us to understand what true security is- within!

Sacral Chakra (Color Orange)

1.    'VAM'
2.    Hindu mantra- "KLEEM"
3.    Musical Scale Note 'D'
These sounds are magnetic and keep things in place, and attracts to themselves. They are the energy of attraction, beauty, creativity, and love. They connect us with the experience of beauty and truth from within. As the sex chakra is concerned with creativity and love, awakening the higher side of this chakra with these mantras, we become a source of love and creativity, without the need to manipulate others to satisfy us.

 Navel Chakra (Color Yellow)

1.    'RAM'
2.    Hindu Mantra- "HOOM" or "DOOM"
3.    Musical Scale Note 'E'
These sounds increase intensity and heat, which is a good thing especially for the digestive strength and for protection. The higher notion of this chakra's meaning of power is the expression of a quiet power that does not need violence to attain its ends. Instead, true power is when all things are given freely to us without request or struggle.

Heart chakra (Color Green)

1.    'YAM'
2.    Hindu Mantra- "HREEM"
3.    Musical Scale Note 'E'
These sounds connect us magically at a heart level to the Supreme, or, any other deity or thing we wish to get closer to. These are some of the most important sounds and have positive effects upon the physical heart as well as the energetic heart. The higher aspect of the heart chakra is to let the expression of love become unconditional and the direct perception of the connectedness.

 Throat chakra (Color Blue)

1.    'YAM'
2.    Hindu Mantra- "AYM"
3.    Musical Scale Note 'G'

These sounds connect us with wisdom, higher learning, teaching ability, and the gift of impactful speech. Self expression and the release of god given talents especially through the voice are stimulated though the use of these sounds. They are also helpful for the throat and vocal cords.

 Third eye Chakra (Indigo)

1.    'OM'
2.    Hindu Mantra- "SHREEM"
3.    Musical Scale Note 'A'

These sounds help bring about greater beauty, devotion, abundance, and gentleness, and can be used to bring greater breadth, vision, and perspective into life. SHREEM is connected to the goddess Lakshmi. Abundance is the gift to life first felt in the abundance of the inner spirit.

 Crown Chakra (Color Indigo)

1.    No Sound (silence)
2.    Hindu Mantra "OM"
3.    Musical Scale Note 'B'

The 'OM' sound, or the note 'B', can be used toward the goal of enlightenment, liberation, freedom from all illusion, birth and death, going beyond all form- God Realization! When you use the 'OM' sound, or the note 'B', let them lead you into the quiet and stillness within after the sound has finished. Allow the peace and oneness.



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