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The Tibetan Singing Bowls, also called healing bowls, can be traced back in Asia to as early as 2000 B.C. It is said that renowned masters of sound among Tibetan Lamas have used Singing Bowls in sacred rituals. These rituals have been associated with 'out of body' experiences and enlightenment facilitated by the power of sound. The old, antique bowls we carry are of Nepalese origin and have been used by the Newari people during their ritual fire ceremony. They have been linked to the Ayruvedic medical care and sound therapy and even used by pregnant women for eating, so as to restore the loss of minerals and metal. These bowls are made of seven different metals, connected to seven planets of our solar system: Gold - the Sun, Silver - the Moon, Mercury - Mercury, Copper - Venus, Iron - Mars, Tin - Jupiter, and Lead - Saturn. Singing bowls can be used as vessels to cook, as offering bowls, and sounding instruments (beating) or singing (by encircling) for meditation, healing, and relaxation. The bowls have a double effect - both sound and vibration. The vibration of the singing bowls stimulates the body to recreate its own harmonic frequency and helps produce alpha wave which become present in the brain in deep relaxation. Singing bowls of all types and sizes are said to clean the atmosphere around of negative energy and emotional blockage. How to play the bowls: There are five basic techniques for using the bowls: -hand beating -encircling -adding water to the bowl -spinning -adding toneless vowels CUSHIONED RINGS AND MALLETS NEED TO BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY

Crystal Singing Bowls
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