SACRED SOUNDS Crystal Singing Bowls

Handmade Hammered & Carved Bowls

These bowls are hand made - hand hammered (bitten) and hand carved by expert metal smith craftman. The original alloy is of 7 different metals: Gold - the Sun Silver - the Moon Mercury - Mercury Copper - Venus Iron - Mars Tin - Jupiter Lead - Saturn. The designs are of intricate Buddhist and Tibetan themes and cover the entire inside and outside of the bowls. The sound quality is exquisite and full bodied due to the variety of metals used.
 5.5" note 'C' Root Chakra 
5.5" note 'C' Root Chakra
 5.5" note 'C' Root Chakra Tibetan Hand Hammered Singing bowl 
5.5" note 'C' Root Chakra Tibetan Hand Hammered Singing bowl
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Crystal Singing Bowls
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